Article: Best practices in culture architecture in rewards space


Best practices in culture architecture in rewards space

Tailored reward strategies under culture architecture by three eminent companies sharing business challenge, solution and impact.
Best practices in culture architecture in rewards space
Infosys Limited  The second-largest Indian IT services company by 2016 revenues, Infosys, as a global leader in technology services and consulting helps enterprises to remain at par and relevant to the changing times, which in turn becomes a business challenge for Infosys. To overcome the challenge pertaining to fostering, sustaining and continuing a culture of innovation, Infosys adopted interesting solutions that eventually made a strong impact on the business. Business Challenge  One of the most striking challenges faced by Infosys was to foster a culture of innovation. Employees needed to go beyond their core areas of work while guaranteeing quality output. The second challenge pertained to enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing within the organization. Innovation in pockets was rewarded and information was shared in smaller interactions. Collaboration was only possible by breaking down innovation silos across teams and people.  Another challenge faced by In...

Topics: Total Rewards Trends 2017, Culture, Benefits & Rewards

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