Article: 6 themes to understand a CLO role

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6 themes to understand a CLO role

A People Matters and Right Management research shows that there is a growing need for CLOs in Indian organizations
6 themes to understand a CLO role
A key question for organisations in today’s operating environment is the question of business readiness. The external market demands products and innovations at a fast pace and the demand supply gap in talent continues to be every business corporation’s biggest headache. In today’s environment there is a big need of an individual who can act as the bridge between the present and the future to ensure that the organisation has an ‘always-ready’ workforce. Preparing an ‘always-ready’ workforce is not easy as it sounds because it requires not just an in-depth understanding of the business and the industry, but also a thorough knowledge of existing talent conditions inside the organisation. While this type of an interface does exist in a few organisations in some form or the other in the West, the role is fairly new in India. The Chief Learning Officer (or CLO) is an individual who resides within the talent management function, and acts as the sou...
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