Article: Andrew Bryant to speak on leveraging learning to reinvent for tomorrow

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Andrew Bryant to speak on leveraging learning to reinvent for tomorrow

In his session in the upcoming People Matters L&D Annual Conference 2019, Andrew Bryant, a global expert on leadership, self-leadership and leading cultures will share how L&D leaders can leverage learning to reinvent for tomorrow.
Andrew Bryant to speak on leveraging learning to reinvent for tomorrow

For businesses that are aiming to stay relevant and power their growth amidst a disruptive future, learning becomes their first line of defense to power the human side of the business. Today organizations have come a long way from persuading their employees about the importance of learning and the innumerable possibilities created by it, yet progress is possible only when they can ready their human potential to stay agile, grow continuously, learn quickly and at scale in order to not only stay ahead of others but also the curve. 

Thus learning is no more about the progress of an individual, rather about the survival of an organization. This brings the spotlight on the Learning & Development (L&D) to make learning an imperative to make their human capital future-ready. So how can organizations design their L&D process to foster reinvention among the workforce?

This is what the People Matters L&D Annual Conference 2019 aims to answer. The conference which is returning to Mumbai this October as part of the 2019 People Matters event series aims to bring the best and the latest in the sphere of learning and development.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Learning to reinvent for tomorrow’ and will address the most poignant L&D challenges- how do L&D leaders design a learning program to prepare their workforce for an uncertain future?  What are going to be the far-reaching implications of the future of work on the future of learning? Or how can L&D leaders devise a learning program for this distributed and diverse workforce to keep everyone on the same footing? How can learning move from being a mere intervention to being necessary for reinvention?

To enable and empower leaders to build the right learning ecosystem and spearhead the capability building agenda at their organizations, the conference aims to bring the latest trends, innovations and best practices all under one roof.

One of the highlights of the event will be the keynote session spearheaded by Andrew Bryant, CSP Founder of Self Leadership International and a global expert on leadership, self-leadership and leading cultures.  Andrew has spoken for audiences as large as 12,000, been a TEDx speaker, facilitated breakthrough learning sessions for senior teams and transformed leaders through one to one coaching. He is also the author of ‘Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out’ (McGraw-Hill 2012) and the Amazon Best-Selling, ‘Self Leadership: 12 Powerful Mindsets & Methods to Win in Life and Business’ (2016),

In his session, ‘Learning to reinvent for tomorrow', Andrew will share insights on how for businesses that are aiming to stay relevant and power their growth amidst a disruptive future, learning becomes their first line of defense to power the human side of the business. He will touch upon what do organizations need to do in order to leverage learning to reinvent in order to stay relevant, optimize performance and not only survive but thrive. 

 Talking to People Matters about the next big challenge in L&D function, Andrew stated, “The next big challenge for L&D is that technology is no-longer a vertical but a horizontal that impacts every employee. Everyone will interface with technology and employees will need to learn to collaborate with computers, rather than just use them.”

He added that gone are the days when professionals crafted and perfected their skills over decades, even lifetimes. 

“Employees will have multiple careers even with the same organization. So L&D will be developing continuous learning programs that provide real-time skills acquisition, on-the-job training, and experience-based rapid knowledge transfer.” 

Learning is the future of work and companies that aren’t making learning a percentage of everyone’s work-week will fail to innovate or just respond to change and so become obsolete through disruption.

In addition, Andrew will also conduct a masterclass on ‘People, Culture & Technology – A Self-leadership Approach’. In a disruptive environment, people, technology and culture have become the three driving forces for a company’s success. However, striking the right balance of all three forces determines how effective and sustainable a company can be in the digital era. In a Self-Leadership culture, individuals take ownership and behave in ways to drive groups of shared intention to support learning, innovation, and creativity. In this masterclass, he will delve deep on how leaders can leverage the self-leadership approach to foster learning and innovation.

In addition to Andrew’s session, over the course of the day, delegates will also hear from CEOs and CHROs from a variety of business sectors and industries on what’s the latest in L&D to spearhead the organizational capability building agenda, create a nimble learning ecosystem and power the learning agenda that can enable organizations to reinvent for tomorrow.

(Know more about the latest trends in the learning & development landscape at the People Matters L&D Conference 2019 scheduled for 6th November in Mumbai. Click here to register.)

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