Article: Augmenting Engagement of Diverse Learners

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Augmenting Engagement of Diverse Learners

At the People Matters L&D League Annual Conference 2017, Melissa Ries, VP-GM APAC at Skillsoft shares her perspective on how to augment engagement in todays learners especially in the digital world.
Augmenting Engagement of Diverse Learners

As the ways of consuming content keep on innovating, mobile learning has expanded the reach of eLearning to all learners beyond imagination. Organizations today are heavily investing in it with roughly 47% now using mobile devices for their online training needs. However, the question is how do you engage learners as research suggest human concentration has reduced to just 8 seconds. Do you engage with them through videos? 

But Millennials who are supposed to use digital content for learning seemingly prefer books over tech. Since multigenerational workforce has different preferences, it would be imperative for organizations to provide them with relevant content amidst the deluge of content available at the click of a button, personalize the approach towards learning and consumerize the learning method. The digital approach should have processes to know which application/learning modules apply to them, based on their previous learning modules the application should be able to recommend which one to go for, what were their searches- very much similar to product sites. 

Digital learners do not like structured linear learning – so the method has to be conversational with the information at the fingertips at the time of need. It’s about engaging the right and the left side of the brain. 

Here are 6 formulae by Skillsoft which can augment digital learning experiences.

The Digital Learning: The Formula for the Modern Learner

  • Learner-Centric: Just in time, 'for-me' options, personalized learning experiences

  • Micro/Modular: Short 2-5 mins bursts of learning and references, Combine into larger programs

  • Varied Treatments: Purposeful application of video treatments, experts, scenarios, animation, "how to"

  • Retention-Driven: Reinforce practice, assess, ensure application of learning

  • Embedded: Accessible within learning systems, company portals, push content recommendations to learners

  • Mobile: Anytime access via tablet and smartphone, Read listen and watch preference and choice

Retention of learning over a period of time is the best approach to showcase the effectiveness of a learning program. Digital learning is a strategic way of looking at providing training to drive performance. 

(This article has been curated from the Mega Keynote session Augmenting Engagement of Diverse Learners by Melissa Ries, VP-GM APAC at Skillsoft at the People Matters L&D League Annual Conference 2017) 

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