Article: L&D League Week Day 3: Tweetchat on Co-creating strategic learning

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L&D League Week Day 3: Tweetchat on Co-creating strategic learning

A TweetChat on co-creating strategic learning was organized to encourage the creation of efficient L&D programs
L&D League Week Day 3: Tweetchat on Co-creating strategic learning

For organizations, the need of the hour is having suitable L&D programs to boost employee skills and productivity. The challenges faced by dynamic organizations call for innovative strategies to keep up with the learning needs of their workforce. A TweetChat on co-creating strategic learning was organized with the hope to encourage the creation of efficient L&D programs.

Organizations are shifting from traditional learning methods to co-create their learning strategies. This has led to more immersive learning, which in turn has helped organizations deal with L&D challenges with significant business impact. The tweet chat focused on how companies are practicing immersive learning and how they plan to scale up using the same. A few of the interesting questions and tweets that were shared in the Tweetchat are captured here.

Q1. Why are organizations shifting from conventional learning to co-creative learning strategies?

Gurpreet Bajaj ‏@_gbajaj  

A1.High Capex, Poor retention,geo learning barriers, no learning analytics, disconnected with digital natives-Gen Y’s environment #LndLeague

Tanmay Vora ‏@tnvora  

A1 The context in which we work is non-linear& traditional learning isn't going to help people keep pace with the rate of change. #LnDLeague

Mohit Gundecha ‏@mohitgundecha  

A1. Because humans have a natural tendency to learn from stories, experiences & people. They can hardly learn in classrooms alone! #lndleague

Yash Mahadik ‏@IndianYash  

A1 Capabilites have become the lead factor for success and learning that build and leverages capabilites defines an orgs success! #LnDLeague

Kanisha Raina ‏@KanishaRaina  

A1 @PeopleMatters2 With wrkfrce being more diverse than ever before in age,geo,career expectn-cocreative learng is d future. #LnDLeague

Manish Pipalwa ‏@pipalwa  

A1 Co-Creative Leaning Strategy ensure to have a Better Culture Fit along with Learning #LnDLeague

Mayokun Aduwo @Mayoaduwo

A1: The world has changed, skills & competencies required have evolved,  information is commoditized, learning has to evolve #LnDLeague

Q2. Are you practicing immersive learning and what does it mean for you?

Mansoor Hussain ‏@_mansoor1  

A2 Immersive learning enhances the 3 Cs – Ability to Connect, Communicate, Collaborate #LnDleague

Micky Chopra ‏@mickychopra  

A2 Situational based learning adds value, simulations & realistic approach helps in building skills for real implementation #LnDLeague

Gurprriet Siingh ‏@JoyAndLife  

A2. Personally I practice immersive learning by throwing myself into things I don't know how to do. #LnDLeague

Aarti Shyamsunder ‏@Aartideetoo  

#LnDleague A2. Immersive #learning can mean anything from #seriousgames & simulations to just more personalized dev plans.

Thirukumaran R ‏@ThiruHR  

A2: Learning in a digital environment where learner has a real sense of "being there" of context. #LNDLeague

Q3. How can you scale up immersive learning?

Yash Mahadik ‏@IndianYash  

A3 Leader led culture helps scaling learning. Dont let the CLO drive learning, Make the CEO and all leaders drive it. #LnDLeague

Thirukumaran R ‏@ThiruHR  

A3: Tech as an enabler and people as a facilitator not the vice versa. #LNDLeague

Gurpreet Bajaj ‏@_gbajaj  

A3. Invest in mobile,Cocreate with top learners,Get right tech partners, upskill/hire L&D folks with new age techskills #LndLeague

akshijain ‏@akshijain  

A3 Content is crucial to all learning,to scale up immersive learning we make sure we select right team (HR/Business) & technology #LnDLeague

Venkat Raman ‏@venkat1960  

A3 Immersive learning can be scaled up using creativity, advanced technology and a clear strategy #LnDLeague

Gurprriet Siingh ‏@JoyAndLife  

A3. Change the model. Role model. Tech enable. #LnDLeague

Q4. What are the challenges faced while adopting immersive learning?

Gurpreet Bajaj ‏@_gbajaj  

A4. 1.Content, 2. Tech Infra 3.Assessment Philosophy, 4. L&D team’s skill Readiness 5. Cohesion with other development products #LndLeague

Gurprriet Siingh ‏@JoyAndLife  

A4. Linear and classical thinking. Lack of leadership buy in and support. L&D doesn't "get it" #LnDLeague

Mayokun Aduwo ‏@Mayoaduwo  

A4: A challenge in the adoption of immersive learning is in the design, how do you design such learnings for maximum impact #lndleague

Sonia Sachdeva ‏@soniasachdeva

A4 Inability of learner to understand methodology & thus give 100% is a challenge. Req context setting #LnDleague

Yash Mahadik ‏@IndianYash  

A4 One big challenge is the invalid fear that immersive learning will consume a lot of time and we wont be able to see the outcomes quickly

Q5. What are the business impacts of immersive learning?

Shweta ‏@shweta_hr  

A5: An Efficient & Engaged Workforce #LNDLeague

Sonia Sachdeva ‏@soniasachdeva  

A5 Immersive learning results in capable, engaged & a "learned" workforce #LnDleague

Aarti Shyamsunder ‏@Aartideetoo  #LnDleague A5. Primary biz impact is scale, if managed right. Also, immediate feedback & practice opportunities = safe learning envt.

Thirukumaran R ‏@ThiruHR

A5: It creates high-impact solutions to real-world problems. #LNDLeague 

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