Article: People Matters BeNext Work-from-home certification: 5 reasons you can't afford to miss it

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People Matters BeNext Work-from-home certification: 5 reasons you can't afford to miss it

Live masterclasses with expert leaders, four unique certificates, and learning ways to better manage the new remote reality of work: Here's why you must join People Matters BeNext work-from-home certification masterclass.
People Matters BeNext Work-from-home certification: 5 reasons you can't afford to miss it

Employee experience experts, customer experience practitioners, and leaders from around the world, all under one program: People Matters BeNext Working-from-home certification. Over the last few months, most of the organizations have started learning to adapt to this new reality of Work From Home in various forms and degrees. But there is still so much to learn as this gradually becomes the new normal. 

To bridge this gap in learning and help you become better remote leaders, People Matters BeNext brings to you this month-long certification program, in which you will get the opportunity to learn from the experts in leading remote teams. You will learn through the live masterclasses and also have access to online practical content, frameworks, videos, and tools which will help you reflect, assimilate, and apply all that you have learned. 

Here are  5 reasons you can't afford to miss it:

Not one, but 4 unique certifications: The entire program is divided into four leading-edge certification programs which are focused on team alignment, communication and facilitation in the remote & distributed world. The courses are designed to give learners hands-on, practical and easy to apply knowledge and skills that they can immediately put into practice. 

Live masterclasses with the experts: The programs will be led by specialists and experts in the people and work space. For instance, the first part of the certification is facilitated by Pilar Orti, Director of Virtual not Distant & Author ‘Thinking Remote. Inspiration for Leaders of Distributed Teams’. Some of the other experts you will get an opportunity to learn from include: Sacha Connor, Founder and CEO, Virtual Work Insider; Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte, Founder & Managing Director, Xpedio; Douglas Ferguson, President, Voltage Control; Erik Skogsberg, Associate Director & Head of Design, MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology; Judy Rees, Transforming conversations, remotely and DN Prasad, Senior Director, GovTech Singapore, Executive Coach (PCC;ICF). 

Collaborate & learn with your peers: The learning is community driven. For each program, there is a closed smaller group community of learners mentored by the expert facilitators. This means that you get the opportunity to ask questions, do hands on practical assignments as well as get feedback and network with your peers. You will be able to contribute to others by reviewing projects and commenting on assignments. Learning in groups is always richer and more fun!

Easy access & convenience: The courses will be open to all learners, with practical content and all resources easily accessible to them. Keeping the busy schedules of leaders in mind, the Course is designed for a minimum of 4 hours per week. In fact, if you have any questions after you’ve completed the certification, it is still open for another week.

Journey in 4 Pillars: The learning framework is a journey combining individual reflection and community sharing- Reflect, assimilate, apply, and contribute. Reflect what all has changed in our context as people leaders & facilitators. What do we need to unlearn? How do we get ready to operate in a new context? Consume all the content to assimilate, download frameworks, videos, audio & live sessions to join the dots in the thinking & decision-making process. Then based on your learning, create solutions to apply it to your organization. 

The People Matters BeNext Working-from-home certification is structured to enable learning by doing and help you thrive in the remote working environment. So join the journey and become a certified Work-from-home facilitator.

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