Article: 'Training is about moving to the next level': OYO's L&D Head - SOB

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'Training is about moving to the next level': OYO's L&D Head - SOB

The company is considering a virtual classroom in Gurgaon from where the session owner can train more than 500 people in one go across offices as part of the Centre Of Excellence Plan.
'Training is about moving to the next level': OYO's L&D Head - SOB

Human Resource representatives play a pivotal role in building a future-ready workforce. To enable this, they need employees to be multi-skilled, and domain and function agnostic. On the other hand, the employer is equally responsible to upskill and re-skill their employees. 

Charandeep David, Head of Learning and Development (SOB), OYO, took the stage at the People Matters Learning and Development conference in Mumbai and presented a OYO's case study on building a future-ready workforce.  David shared the importance of self-learning and how it has changed over the years. Starting from the library and classrooms in the earlier days, now we have webinars, artificial intelligence, and virtual classrooms for learning. 

According to David, OYO started finalizing the L&D process in January 2019, and they have taken a lot of initiatives over the last eight-nine months.  Emphasizing on how the methodology of learning has changed over time, David says, "Learning can't be restricted to one teacher or one classroom because teachers today must be innovators, entrepreneurs, mentors, and motivators”.  And that preparing the students or the workforce of the 21st century isn't just about technology or skills for the global economy, it is about creativity, culture awareness, innovation, production, and accountability.  

Learning – the OYO way

The learning and development Head of OYO explained the three aspects of their learning: Faster, Higher, and Stronger. 

The company is also picking up talent from the best colleges and based on expertise they need. The company believes in peer to peer learning, says David.

The company is getting people on board within record time, and with the peer to peer training, they are making the system robust. The company is working hard on preparing a fast culture, David argues. 

"The kind of growth we are witnessing, It's all about speed of execution, and it is also about giving people a career path where they work in the organization for a more extended period, “says David.

The company is defining the role of the people who are making an impact. She said, "Training is all about moving to the next level now. It is important to make the employees understand the importance of learning in this genre, why the customer service is important, how it is done, what needs to be done in customer service, what is the expectation, and how it can enhance the growth." 

The organization's main key focus area is to invest in the training Learning Management System (LMS). OYO is in the process of setting up an internal digital learning system. And also promote self-based learning programs for employees across the domains such as sales staff, operations staff, and others. 


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