Article: Work Better Training to implement professional training initiatives

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Work Better Training to implement professional training initiatives

Work Better Training and Development, an Executive Education and Training firm has developed and planned to implement two breakthrough initiatives - ‘Work Better 4+Rating Guarantee model’ and ‘The TALK’. This is an attempt to bring about a difference in the professional training space in India.

‘The TALK’ or  Team and Leadership Knowledge Sessions is an interactive platform conceptualized by Work Better Training. It gives corporates a chance to meet, interact and learn from some of India’s most celebrated leaders and individuals on the subjects of leadership and team building. And ‘Work Better 4+ Rating Guarantee model’ is the first of its kind offered by any executive training company in India.

Mitali Bose, Brand Manager at Work Better Training, on being the first company to adopt the4+ guarantee method in the training space explains, “Work Better Training & Development has been doing extensive work across industries pan India. The quality and standard of our trainings have set us apart in the training domain. An analysis of the feedback received for Work Better trainings over a period of time clearly shows that we have consistently received a 4+ feedback rating for every workshop. In our commitment to maintain these high standards in all our training workshops, we have rolled out a Work Better 4+ Rating Guarantee Model. This guarantee model is the first of its kind offered by any executive training company in India. With a family of more than 110 trainers with vast experience and skills, we have an unparalleled confidence in the quality and effectiveness of our training programs.”

Commenting on The TALK initiative, Mitali Bose,Brand Manager at Work Better Training shared, “Having trained thousands of professionals at various seniority levels, one factor that has stood out is that people lack inspiration. The TALK aims to bring influential speakers to corporates to help inspire their employees. Though The TALK, as a concept, exists for corporates but no other executive training company in India organises motivational talks that are customised specifically. Work Better’s strength lies in the fact that we customise the talk to meet clients’ requirements – right from bringing in appropriate speakers at different price point to the topic and content of discussion. We plan to invite prominent speakers from different industries like sports, senior business leaders, etc. The speakers we bring on board will also depend on the kind of motivational session required and the client’s budget.”


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