Blog: Oh Meow! A cat gets promoted in a rail company


Oh Meow! A cat gets promoted in a rail company

Retaining top talent is a prerogative for any organization, and this time it’s a cat who got promoted to be the Senior Pest Controller.
Oh Meow! A cat gets promoted in a rail company

Recognition of good work is always a necessity to promote employee morale.  An important part of the reward strategy, it pushes the employees to perform better and creates a trust in the organisation.  These strategies directly influence talent retention.  And talent comes in different shapes and sizes. 

In one great example of such recognition measure being followed to retain their top notch talent, Huddersfield train station has officially promoted a cat for her dedication to the job.  The beloved cat has spent almost five years patrolling a West Yorkshire railway station.  Felix, a black-and-white cat, has been named Senior Pest Controller and given a new jacket and a name badge by TransPennine Express. 

Felix had taken up the important role of ensuring platforms are free of mice and other vermin, since joining.  Chris Bamford, a Customer Services Assistant at the station, in a report to Daily Mail said: 'The promotion is just a nice appreciation of Felix's work. It is a reward for nearly five years of service. Her presence just brings a smile.’  'Felix is part of the family here, although she does like to think that she runs the place.' 

After all a good job performance transcends the boundaries of a regular employee recognition program. 

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