Blog: How analytics is a game-changer for HR managers

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How analytics is a game-changer for HR managers

While we are not far from having a personal robot for ourselves at work, there is something that comes close to it and that is analytics.
How analytics is a game-changer for HR managers

What if you had a personal robot at work, who would assist you in completing your daily tasks? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful experience? While technology is innovating rapidly, new technologies such as AI, Machine Learning and automation are changing the work processes and operations completely. While we are not far from having a personal robot for ourselves at work, there is something that comes close to it and that is analytics. It’s transforming the workspace, offering a seamless experience for all.

Here’s how -

  • Blending analytics with HR processes               
    Disruptive technologies are influencing several sectors today, and the role of analytics is truly changing the way operations are carried out within an organization.  The use of analytics is a game changer for HR managers. Whether these are smaller daily tasks or more strategic activities, analytics are helping HR professionals to simplify data in the best possible way, which in turn helps them in making key decisions as well. Using analytics can simplify multiple HR functions – employee engagement and retention, hiring new talent, training and development processes, performance management, reward programs and employee benefits.
  • Assistance in decision-making & resource management
    There are times when HR teams face immense workload, all at once. In such scenarios, there is a struggle to prioritize along with managing huge volumes of work activities and complex issues with strict deadlines to adhere to. Here is where analytics plays a role in creating valuable insights that help in making more informed decisions. The use of analytics helps in better planning; resource management and qualitative reviews that help achieve business goals and help analyze the future needs of the organization as well.
  • Achieving tangible benefits
    Analytics help HR professionals’ access information, create deadlines for employees as well as review employee performance.   Further, it also helps analyze how training programmes in the organization have helped accelerate the overall performance of an employee and accordingly set personalised goals for them. For example, with analytics, HR experts can study the food patterns of their employees and accordingly devise a suitable healthy programme.
  • Enhancing benefits programmes for employees
    HR experts can integrate analytics to analyze the success of employee benefit programmes and analyzing these programs prove to be more cost effective for the organization as well.  These analytics can be used to access a digital enabled process for employee reimbursements meal vouchers, utilization of fuel vouchers by employees and many more.

In summary, implementing analytics in HR processes is highly beneficial as it helps the employer monitor, track and manage diverse problem areas in the company, which in turn helps in creating effective solutions faster. While HR teams are flooded with newer and complex issues to tackle, analytics is a game changer that helps to transform and streamline processes for employee management. It not only helps in effective workforce planning but enables rapid growth in an organization as well. The best part about analytics is that it can be applied to any subject, be it research data, experimenting with analytic tools, to gauge the effectiveness of an action plan, to streamline processes, to access factual information, or even create a business strategy for an organization. Hence, ignoring the use of analytics is almost impossible today, which can enable the HR professionals to create best workplaces for employees


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