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The changing roles of HR

New-age employees need to find purpose in their work and the organization in its intrinsic value needs to align to the employee’s value system.
The changing roles of HR

The world of HR has already started changing rather dramatically, I believe we are at the cusp of change where it is imperative to adapt or perish. No role in HR will remain what it was. There are many factors for this changing and dynamic workforce. Long gone are the days of tactical focus – how HR can impact from a strategic standpoint are a few key areas.

A human - center organization - As the landscape changes, one thing remains constant the inner core of any company remains its People.

Employee experience may not be the number one aspect that would be a differentiator as we grow. With the market wide open for talent companies the focus on the employee engagement has never been more critical. Understanding every event and stage in an employee’s journey and providing a wholesome experience is vital. New-age employees need to find purpose in their work and the organization in its intrinsic value needs to align to the employee’s value system. Workplaces that can truly create an emotional bond have increased percentage of loyal employees and thus higher retention and attraction of talent.

Embracing technology in this path to enhanced experiences is the only way from the hiring process until the exit. One should also tread this path carefully with a multitude of employee engagement solutions available companies need to have a clear strategy and pick tools that align and can create impact. 

Analytics will be a game-changer – the use of analytics in the spectrum is and will be a game-changing trend. Predictive analytics will drive decisions from which candidate has the attributes to succeed in wellness metrics to productivity and the whole gamut. 

We are already seeing the emergence of a new way of work – the need to have flexible work environments is on the high. Remote work is no longer a luxury or a benefit it will slowly become the norm. HR needs to be prepared to manage and effectively engage remote workers as more of the workforce gets dispersed. We also need to acknowledge the need to find creative solutions to providing flexibility 4-day work weeks is just the beginning

We have seen titles changing in HR moving towards People Champion, Employee Experience Officer, Talent Advisor, even Vibe Manager showing the expanded scope and the depth possible. HR will be seen playing a larger role as People advisors and with that have great opportunity to be change agents and in a position to coach and influence positive changes. HR will be seen doing more of the “human” work as technology frees up time allowing HR managers to forge a genuine connection with their workforce. 

The skills of the new age HR will also start seeing a shift – with tools and bots handling most of the tactical HR aspects we may see more non HR folks taking on HR roles.  HR professionals need to pick up specialization, getting certified is a good way to gain credibility. The generalist is long gone and the concept of specialists is around but the future is bright for those who dive deeper into the areas of AI/analytics/experience officer/ performance coaches etc. 

Learning to amplify the employer brand is already a priority for many HR teams. Learning to be marketing gurus in their own right – HR will be on the frontlines of the company branding efforts – owing to the narrative and telling stories that help hire and retain employees. 

HR has come a long way and is looked at as a central role in companies and now more than ever have space at the table. Being able to get creative about how we identify talent for ever-evolving roles and bridging the talent gap will continue to be a differentiator for success. Understanding the business and what makes it successful, anticipating changes and needs will help effectively manage workforce needs.

The future in many ways is already here and we need to get ahead of the curve. Great challenges bring great opportunities! Being a “heart-led” company where employees can feel their relationship is meaningful after all we are in the business of managing hearts and minds at the end of it all.


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