Blog: When Chris Gayle was stumped during appraisal


When Chris Gayle was stumped during appraisal

Check this video to know about what transpired between Chris Gayle and his manager.
When Chris Gayle was stumped during appraisal

Appraisal is the time when a lot of employees are left disgruntled about the way their managers talk about performances. Very few are satisfied with the final outcome. It’s not that nobody has taken note of your good work; it’s just that someone might have done it a shade better. So it’s time to move ahead and do the work diligently like you always do. 

Even Chris Gayle wasn’t spared by his manager! Don’t know? Check this video to know how Christopher Henry Gayle, whose strike rate in T20 Internationals is 145.49 has been appraised by his manager. 

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