News: P&G HR Director moves to a new role


P&G HR Director moves to a new role

After working with the brand for two decades, she is moving to a new role in Singapore.
P&G HR Director moves to a new role

After working for one of India’s leading FMCG brand Procter & Gamble (P&G) for twenty years, Sonali Roychowdhury is shifting to a more prominent role for the company. Currently, she is the Human Resource Director for P&G and leading distribution operations for IMEA. 

In a recent development, she has been appointed as Head, Asia Pacific, Supply Chain, HR for P&G. She will be based in Singapore. She will take over her new role in July 2018 after a break of two months. 

Sonali joined P&G almost twenty years back, and it has been her first and only job. She said, “When I started my career, I did not think that it will be such a long inning with P&G but the opportunities kept coming. I found new ways to learn and grow within P&G.” 

In her association with the brand, she achieved many milestones and for her as an HR leader she goes with the strategy of people first and business later. She understands the expectations, design relevant programs, and deliver them in a way that makes sense for them as well as the company. 

“I always looked to stay ahead of the curve in terms of understanding emerging needs and ensure that we are on the leading edge. In my career, I have seen the continuous efforts to ensure that any belief that the glass ceiling exists is eradicated, and growth is only based on two pillars – rewarding results and always doing the right thing”, said Sonali Chowdhury. 

P&G India will have a plan ‘B’ after Sonali’s movement to a new role. When asked her, what will be the company’s strategy for talent? She suggests that the company is on a growth path and to continue to attract new people the new HR head has to keep two key things in mind. One is competition from outside and second inclination towards entrepreneurship among students. 

Road Ahead

In the new region, Sonali is planning to carry her learning from the long stint with P&G to the new role. She said, “I am going to a new country but my learning from P&G and the confidence is what helps me going, and I think, it’ll be beneficial."

She added that for her it’s important to step up her leadership impact at a global level which requires a very different set of skills. In Asia region, technology and digital literacy play a critical role, and this region is very forward when it comes to the workforce of the future with lots of innovation happening. 

She concluded by saying that she needs to make an impact at the global level and reinvent herself to be more relevant and drive results for this new role. 

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