News: Manu Gulati hired by Google as a lead SOC


Manu Gulati hired by Google as a lead SOC

Manu Gulati, an Indian-origin chip architect is appointed as lead SOC (system on a chip) architect.
Manu Gulati hired by Google as a lead SOC

Google, an American multinational technology company who is planning to expand its team of chip experts so that it can develop chips for their Pixel phones has hired Ex-Apple micro-architect, Manu Gulati as a lead SOC for its upcoming Pixel phone.

Gulati, an Indian-origin chip architect was working with Apple for almost eight years as a micro-architect and owns 15 Apple patents related to chip design. He was responsible for building custom chips for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

According to a media report, Apple filed a total of 15 chip-related patents that credit Gulati as one of the inventors. Some of these filings describe fundamental chip architecture, while others are more specific to certain applications.For example, one of his patents described hardware-based security for Apple Pay that securely stores a user’s fingerprint on the iPhone.

He carries with him a rich experience of over 27 years in chip development and has worked with companies like Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Broadcom Corp and Apple. Gulati completed his Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi and went to pursue his MS from the University of California.

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