News: Indian MBA students & undergrads choose Google as their ideal employer: Report

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Indian MBA students & undergrads choose Google as their ideal employer: Report

The findings of the latest survey by Universum track the career aspirations and preferences of India’s future talent pool. Here are a few highlights from the report.
Indian MBA students & undergrads choose Google as their ideal employer: Report

Following the trend of the past few years, Google has topped the list of the most ideal employers for India’s business and commerce, engineering and IT, and MBA students, in Universum’s Top 100 Ideal Employer Rankings. 

The survey also sheds light on the students’ preferred industries to work in after graduation and highlights some of the common behaviors of students when they look for a job.  

Here are some highlights from the survey:

Indian students are highly attracted to international employers

46 percent of all students expressed a desire to work for an international company when asked. This is also reflected in the Top 100 employer rankings among business talent, where nine of the top ten most desired employers were international companies. 

However, female students in business/commerce and engineering/IT presented an interesting contrast, as a higher proportion expressed a desire to work for a national organization, as compared to male students. 

Further, companies who can showcase workplace diversity in their employer brand will have a higher success rate in securing top female talent.

The favorite industries that emerged from the survey are management & consulting, investment banking, and FMCG industries. While this is true for MBA students, 40 percent indicated a preference for the auditing and accounting industries. 

High future earnings: Top preference for business & commerce students

On one hand, business and commerce students would choose an employer who will lead them to “high future earnings”. On the other, engineering and IT orientation, would prioritise a friendly work environment and innovation as their top two most important attributes when assessing potential employers. 

In terms of their career goals, this is the first year that “Work/Life Balance” has been chosen and has knocked of “an International Career” off its long held top spot.

In almost all other regional and global markets work/life balance has sat atop the list of career goals for many years among millennial talent. This could indicate a turning point among talent in India who are starting to see opportunities within their domestic market that are able to offer them the careers they dream of. 

Mike Parsons, Managing Director, Universum APAC said, “One thing this shift does is bring the career preferences of millennial talent in India more in line with their regional and international counterparts. For employers who don’t offer much in the way of international opportunity, but who do boast flexible working conditions, a dynamic culture, or other elements connected with work/life balance, this could help elevate their brand. However, this doesn’t mean it will get easier for domestic players to compete with international employers.”

LinkedIn: The top-ranked channel used by MBA students

Today, most of the students in MBA get information about jobs from social media, rather than career fairs or employer websites.

The findings of the survey further reiterate the statement. LinkedIn was the top-ranked channel used by MBA students, whereas business/engineering students listed Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp as their top three channels. 

“The shift in career preferences is in-line with economic stability and growth that India has seen over the years. As India prepares for the next chapter of transformation and growth journey it is no surprise that Indian graduates’ preferences are getting more aligned with preferences of graduates in developed economies,” said Pratik Sabherwal, regional head of advisory for Universum APAC. 

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