News: Google announces $1,600 staff bonus to its employees globally

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Google announces $1,600 staff bonus to its employees globally

With the intent of supporting their employees during the COVID Pandemic, the company offers this one time bonus to all of its employees globally including their extended workforce and interns.
Google announces $1,600 staff bonus to its employees globally

Last week, Google had delayed its return-to-office plan indefinitely as a result of Omicron variant fears and some resistance from its employees to company-mandated vaccinations. The global company in its latest endeavour to support their employees in this challenging work environment has announced an additional bonus to its employees globally. To all of the company’s extended workforce and interns, a one-time cash bonus of $1,600 or equivalent value in their country this month will be given, a company spokesperson told Reuters.

This latest benefit comes in addition to Google’s work from home allowance and wellbeing bonus. Earlier in March, Google's internal survey showed a drop in its employee wellbeing over the past year, after which the company announced a series of benefits, including a $500 wellbeing cash bonus.

With Google taking the charge in utilising their funds for the benefit of their employees, it remains to be seen whether other global companies will follow suit. And if this seems to be the case, there is likely to be a positive impact on the compensation and benefits landscape which will now prioritise employee wellbeing and pay greater heed to the uncertain workplace environment and its challenges as opposed to the productivity cycle.

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