News: ‘Take Two’ programme launched by HSBC to help women on career break


‘Take Two’ programme launched by HSBC to help women on career break

HSBC launches Take Two programme in Bangalore to help women on a career break
‘Take Two’ programme launched by HSBC to help women on career break

HSBC India recently launched programme called as ‘Take Two’ in Bangalore to help women get back in to workforce. Before Bangalore the initiative was launched in two more cities - Hyderabad and Gurgaon. 

‘Take Two’ is a 12-week full-time internship and its aim is to encourage women on a career break to return to work, so as to promote diverse and inclusive work culture in HSBC India. 

At the HSBC Bangalore Global Service Centre, around 100 women attended the launch event, which will be further selected via panel interviews and assessments. Successful applicants will receive a two week orientation, comprising of induction, leader-led sessions and classroom training. After the necessary training, they will work on-the-job assignments for 10 –weeks that will be aligned to their experience and aspirations, along with learning plans, networking sessions, and mentoring.

“At HSBC we consciously promote gender balance at the workplace and are committed to supporting the success of talented female colleagues. Take Two is one such initiatives through which we fulfil this commitment. Encouraged by the success of the Take Two programme in India, we are also looking into how we can extend it to other countries in our network. For us, a balanced, diverse and inclusive working environment is not just good for business, it’s simply the right thing to do.”  explains Kirsty Roth, Global Head of Operations – HSBC. 

 Also , recently, HSBC had  introduced its first all-women group of 30 management trainees and another group of over 100 female graduate interns. Subir Mehra, Head of Operations – Global Service Centres, HSBC, said: “In addition to welcoming experienced female professionals to HSBC through our Take Two programme, we have also had all-female groups of management graduates and interns joining our workforce in recent months. Based on the great response to these initiatives, we are now making them part of our recruitment strategy across all of our Operations sites in India.” 

During 2016, 46% of all new recruits at entry level in HSBC entities across India were women, and women constituted more than one-third of the overall workforce.


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