News: Women in senior management: A look at the numbers


Women in senior management: A look at the numbers

Barely one in five senior management positions globally is held by a woman

“Very often as a little girl, then as a young woman, I have suffered my share of discrimination. I was brought up with brothers, I grew up in a boys’ world. You have to elbow your way in. When you come with that sentiment of having been in a minority for a long period of time, then you are much more attentive to minorities… I listen more; I’m more attentive to those in the back of the room that sit in the dark and don’t want to talk but have a lot to contribute…[Women are better team players] because of our history, it’s because of our heritage, it’s because of what we’ve had to face.”



Grant Thornton’s 2012 International Business Report revealed that barely one in five senior management positions globally is held by women and that India has among the fewest women in senior management positions (14 per cent).

A report by Mercer, which covered 55 companies operating in India and 663 in Asia-Pacific, states that women leaders hold only 5 per cent, or at times even less, of the top 100 senior roles in half of the Indian companies and out of the surveyed companies only 11 per cent said that they have more than 30 per cent women in the top deck.

Mercer’s ‘Women’s Leadership Development Survey’ found that 67 per cent of the 450 European companies surveyed had no clearly defined strategy for developing women into leadership roles and lacked effective early career high-potential identification, diversity sourcing and recruiting, gender-specific learning and development experiences, to support the development of talented women as leaders.




Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International, Monetary Fund at the World Economic Forum in Davos



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