News: Flipkart has a new CEO for a day!

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Flipkart has a new CEO for a day!

As a part of its 10-year milestone celebrations, Flipkart appointed one of its employees to be CEO on Tuesday, albeit for a day
Flipkart has a new CEO for a day!

Name: Padmini Pagadala

Organisation: Flipkart

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

That is what the resume of Padmini Pagadala, who otherwise serves as an associate director of designs at the company, would have read on Tuesday. As a part of its celebrations for completing an entire decade, the organisation initiated ‘Big10’ and organised a competition wherein an employee could act as the CEO for one day; Padmini won, says a news report

On Tuesday, Padmini acted as the CEO, presided over meetings, and overlooked other matters, with the regular CEO, Kalyan Krishnamurthy, by her side. About her work in the organisation, Padmini has been credited with designing over 17 fulfilment centres and 20 transportation centres. She has been quoted saying, “For somebody like me to be selected, its huge and just because I got selected, all of my supply chain communities is like woah this is so awesome and a lot of women that I know are saying wow this is awesome so I truly feel so overwhelmed." “My day started with breakfast with our CEO and then I attended a few meetings that are a part of Kalyan’s schedule everyday. He introduced me to the people that he works with and so far, it has been a wonderful learning experience” she said.

Kalyan Krishnamurthy, tweeted about Padmini winning the CEO for A Day competition, and has been quoted saying, “This is a fantastic opportunity for our talented Flipsters to get a taste of what it means to be CEO of a large, innovative company like Flipkart. We have a talented pool of people leading high intensity teams who are helping us disrupt and innovate.” Although the concept isn’t novel, as it has been tried many times in the past by several companies around the globe, the buzz it generates is nonetheless important and makes for great publicity, both inside and outside the organisation. 

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