News: Ministry of IT and Electronics looks to incentivize work-from-home jobs

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Ministry of IT and Electronics looks to incentivize work-from-home jobs

With more options of work-from-home jobs another 50,000-1,00,000 new jobs can be created.
Ministry of IT and Electronics looks to incentivize work-from-home jobs

In 2016 the BPO promotion scheme was launched with an outlay of Rs 493 crore for three years to generate employment for around 1.5 lakh people. The Ministry of IT and Electronics now looks to expand the BPO scheme further to include work-from-home options for incentivizing firms to set up new units.

"Work-from-home jobs need to be incentivized as well, especially for women, who are not able to work full time due to family responsibilities. This has the potential of creating another 50,000-1,00,000 new jobs," commented the official from the ministry. 

Besides boosting work-from-home jobs, the ministry has already made a proposal to double the number of seats to be set up under the scheme from earlier 48,300. The total seat allocation in nine rounds of bidding has already crossed the earlier targeted number and reached 51,297.

The BPO promotion scheme falls under one of the most important and ambitious programs of the current government, which is Digital India. The scheme was launched to explore the potential of small cities, towns and rural areas in BPO/ITeS sector and create more for women and specially-abled persons. Work-from-home jobs will surely be beneficial for this population of the talent market as it allows more flexibility. For working mothers especially the option is most suitable as it allows them to balance their responsibilities at both home and work. They are able to focus on their work and be more productive. It also reduces travel time and gives them more hours to maintain the work-life balance. 

While the initiative to incentivize work-from-home jobs will get many good results, the scheme will be given final contours only after the general elections are over and the new government takes over in June. 

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