News: Paytm Mall expands its leadership team


Paytm Mall expands its leadership team

The Alibaba-backed up company has roped in executives from companies like ZoomCar, Giftingnation, Abof, and Hopscotch, etc.
Paytm Mall expands its leadership team

In the wake of the forthcoming festive season, Paytm Mall is said to have hired more than half a dozen top executives to its leadership team. 

In an attempt to fight e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart, the Alibaba-backed company has roped in executives from self-drive car rental startup ZoomCar, social gifting platform Giftingnation, ad network Httpool, and e-commerce portals Abof and Hopscotch to head verticals across marketing, monetization, seller ecosystem and merchandising, the company said in a statement. 

The new leadership includes names like  Srinivas Mothey from Giftingnation, Milind Pathak from Httpool, Nikhil Dhoka from BrownTape, Utkrisht Kumar from Hopscotch and Rohan Chhazed from ZoomCar, among others. 

Amit Sinha, COO at Paytm Mall shares, “We are strengthening our business team to expand our operations, build innovative solutions and offer more consumer-focused products & services."

It was also announced by the company that Paytm Mall has about 900 employees which it plans to ramp up to 1,200 by the end of the year. 


Recently  Paytm Mall, was in the news as on Friday the company announced that it had crossed the 1-million-orders-a-day milestone during the ongoing pre-festive sale.

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