News: LinkedIn launches Scheduler to automate screening process

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LinkedIn launches Scheduler to automate screening process

LinkedIn has launched a new InMail feature, Scheduler to automate the process of the initial round of interview scheduling.
LinkedIn launches Scheduler to automate screening process

In their latest InMail feature, LinkedIn allows you to schedule an interview with a candidate. Automating the initial round of interview screening, through InMail message, recruiters can let the candidates block a time that works for the candidates and well as the recruiters. 

Launching this new feature, Peter Rigano, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn quoted in media saying that our goal is to help recruiters spend less time on the back-and-forth-and a lot more time delighting, advising, and assisting candidates to decide to join their company.

The primary advantage of this feature will allow recruiters to manage time efficiently and apply their energy in hiring the best candidate, thus keeping a lot of their time utilized on scheduling a meeting. 

In order to use this feature, users need to sync InMail to office 365 or Google calendar that will automatically set the availability on one's calendar to lock in potential interviews times. The feature even holds advance settings and allows the recruiters to manage preferences such as time zones, availability, length of meetings and same-day meetings.

Recruiters can forward a link to the candidate they are interested in to set an interview with using InMail and schedule a meeting. The candidates get a real-time view of the recruiter’s calendar to determine further the proper time to arrange an interview, even allowing them to add their phone numbers to confirm the meeting.

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