News: O.C. Tanner unveils Align and the Culture Cloud

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O.C. Tanner unveils Align and the Culture Cloud

'Align' will help the managers to evolve into leaders through one on ones, goals and integrated recognition.
O.C. Tanner unveils Align and the Culture Cloud

Employee engagement program and reward solution provider O.C. Tanner has launched a new tool 'Align' which help the managers to evolve into leaders through one on ones, goals and integrated recognition. 

The company has worked closely with the industry leaders to highlight the essential elements in the development of managers and how Align can resolve those issues. Commenting on the launch, Steve Fairbanks, VP, Product, O.C. Tanner mentioned that it was built to integrate with managers' regular workflow seamlessly, and not only to facilitates consistency with in-person one-on-ones, but also makes mentoring, coaching, goal-setting and recognition an easy and more intentional part of the overall continuous management process."

The tools integrated within Align include templates and conversation guide a library of agenda templates and talking points to help managers have more meaningful discussions. The interface for managers and employees is to take notes which can be incorporated into a future meeting and agendas. 

This will also help the cascading team and individual goals a place for managers and employees to collaborate on career development and project goals, and to check on progress on a continual basis and mentoring and accountability. This enables managers to coach their direct reports and gives upper-level managers the ability to see how often direct reports meet with individual teams. It also helps managers of managers to mentor and develops their people leaders to become high-performing managers.

"Often, managers are promoted for high personal performance, but they need help transitioning their focus toward the management and mentorship of direct reports. Align bridges that gap, not only with its facilitation of one on ones, but also with its multitude of tools designed to support a highly functioning manager with their direct report relationships," Fairbanks said.

Align is the newest solution that lives within O.C. Tanner's suite of products and tools in the newly announced Culture Cloud. In place of multiple tools from different vendors, Culture Cloud provides one modular suite where employee experience apps are integrated and in the employee's work stream. Culture Cloud apps and services use some of the HR industry's smartest AI technologies and includes employee surveys, communications, eLearning, analytics, global store, and world-class data privacy and security.

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