News: Musk expects to find new Twitter CEO, warns staff to work harder


Musk expects to find new Twitter CEO, warns staff to work harder

A month after installing himself as CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk plans to leave the management to another exec. The billionaire also gave an ultimatum to staff to do extremely hard work – or leave.
Musk expects to find new Twitter CEO, warns staff to work harder

Ever since Elon Musk took over as the CEO of Twitter, he has been making headlines for taking some hardcore decisions. The billionaire has once again surprised everyone by revealing that he does not want to be the CEO of any company, including Twitter.  

On Wednesday, Musk took the witness stand in a Delaware court to defend himself in a shareholder lawsuit, challenging a compensation package he was awarded by Tesla’s board of directors that is potentially worth more than $55 billion.

While testifying, the billionaire said, “I expect to reduce my time at Twitter and find somebody else to run Twitter over time,” according to multiple media reports.

Elon Musk has also asked Twitter employees to decide by Thursday evening if they want to remain a part of the business. He wrote an email that said, employees “will need to be extremely hardcore” to build “a breakthrough Twitter 2.0” and that long hours at high intensity will be needed for success.

The new Twitter CEO believes that the company will be much more engineering-driven with employees who write “great code” comprising the majority of the team.

Musk, who took over Twitter in late October, fired most of its full-time workforce by email earlier this month and is expected to sack an untold number of contract jobs in the future. 

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