News: Ceipal’s rebrand is focused on the new frontier of talent acquisition


Ceipal’s rebrand is focused on the new frontier of talent acquisition

The company’s new vision puts skills and people before titles, geographies and employment type
Ceipal’s rebrand is focused on the new frontier of talent acquisition

Ceipal, a leading AI-powered total talent acquisition platform, today revealed its vision for the new frontier of talent acquisition. The brand relaunch highlights Ceipal’s unique position to bridge the gap between organizations, recruiters, staffing professionals, and candidates in today’s talent landscape by bringing together disparate systems and data to make talent accessible in one place. Ceipal’s relaunch is a direct response to the seismic shift brought about by digital transformation, which puts the focus of hiring organizations on skills and people rather than job titles and employment types. 

“Today at Ceipal, we’re doubling down on our long-held commitment to bring the industry’s most innovative and advanced capabilities to one platform, empowering any organization to manage the entire talent acquisition life cycle within a single ecosystem, whether that talent is full-time, part-time or contingent,” says Sameer Penakalapti, Founder and CEO, Ceipal. “As leading pioneers of this brave new frontier of talent acquisition, we’ll continue to dedicate ourselves to transforming the businesses of our customers, while ensuring that no talent is left behind.”

Ceipal’s new vision is resonating with customers like Randstad and Tech Mahindra, who understand that they can better build and access their own diverse workforces with a single talent container. 

“Process efficiencies driven by Ceipal’s automation and easy UI increase our recruiter's ability to create a community of talent that they can engage with and also help us grow our internal database & automate some level of communication with this talent," states Avnish Mani, VP - Innovation, Randstad India. “Their AI features also help us with identifying matching talent with good accuracy. "

“The indirect cost savings and improved administrative efficiency Ceipal brings to the table are game changers,” feels one of the Ceipal users of Tech Mahindra. “Meanwhile, having complete visibility into pricing and improved governance over vendors not only reduces our reliance on staffing suppliers, but it also drives significant direct cost savings.”

The Ceipal vision is also hitting home with investors, as evidenced by $21 million in recently secured funding, including a $16.5 million Series-B round. Ceipal continues to leverage those funds to innovate and strengthen its market position while growing its own talent bench with strategic new hires. The company most recently announced the addition of Dennis Farkos as the company’s new CFO ( and also named Managing Partner of Camden Partners Jason Tagler to its Board of Directors. 

As part of the brand relaunch, Ceipal invites its growing staffing and workforce management customers to take advantage of its recently released Advanced Automation Package to identify higher quality candidates and improve productivity with access to some of the most highly rated ATS, workforce management, and CRM capabilities on the market. The brand relaunch also highlights Ceipal Procurewise, the industry’s first natively integrated VMS platform, which enables HR, procurement teams and MSPs to source, manage, and engage talent across any channel. 

In addition to Ceipal’s new vision, the brand relaunch also features important stylistic changes, including a new logo, which illustrates an infinity loop embodied within two humans. The logo signifies Ceipal’s commitment to a people-centric vision. Meanwhile, the company’s updated color palette, anchored by blue and orange, reflects Ceipal’s mission to integrate innovation with humaneness, two of the company’s core values. 

About Ceipal

Ceipal is a scalable, AI-driven total talent acquisition platform that provides visibility across all channels and sources, while organizing your data into a single talent ecosystem. 

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