News: AICTE signs a MoU with Monster India to support first-time job seekers

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AICTE signs a MoU with Monster India to support first-time job seekers

The AICTE-Monster India partnership, Monster India will manage and monitor campus recruitment activities of over 10,360 colleges approved by AICTE.
AICTE signs a MoU with Monster India to support first-time job seekers

Searching jobs just out of the campus can be a daunting situation to be in. How do you go about searching jobs? How do you apply for jobs? These are few questions that strike the mind of a college graduate while looking out for his/her first job.  To make the overall job-hunting process easier, AICTE has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Monster India, to aid students and first-time job seekers in providing a job.

As a part of this partnership, Monster India will monitor and manage the campus hiring activities of over 10, 360 colleges approved by AICTE and with a collective intake capacity of over 36 lakhs students. Monster will act as an interface between the colleges, students, and recruiters. It will help colleges to map their students’ skills and accordingly provide job opportunities to them.

Anil D Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, AICTE, shares in media, “Such MoU will help college students and fresher candidates seeking career opportunities. The young population is going to set the stage for a bright India tomorrow.”

Apart from acting as an interface between colleges, students, and recruiters, Monster India will allow students to take assessments to check employability, identify their skill gaps and suggest them practical measures to overcome it. 

Sanjay Modi, Managing Director (APAC & Middle East), said in media, “At Monster India, we endeavor to enhance employability by connecting right people to the right jobs. Our association with AICTE will allow greater access to students and colleges with a large pool of employers present on our data base and provide relevant job opportunities. We are aware of the huge skill demand and supply equation that currently exists in our country. However, we have 12 million people enter the workforce every year; the focus should be towards enhancing high-level thinking skills, creativity, machine learning, and communication.”

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