News: Govt charting plan to fill 2 million vacant jobs

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Govt charting plan to fill 2 million vacant jobs

Amid the rising criticism with respect to jobless growth, the government is currently assessing the number of vacant positions in central and state govt bodies, and then it would create a plan for those positions to be filled.
Govt charting plan to fill 2 million vacant jobs

To counter the ongoing criticism with regards to the jobless growth, the Modi government as per the latest media report is in the process of creating a plan to fill the vacant job positions in the central government agencies and bodies, and 244 public sector enterprises. Once the plan is implemented and deemed to be successful, the central government will direct the state governments to replicate the exercise. This could result in filling up of 2 million jobs.

Also, according to the reports, the current strategy is a complete reversal of traditional practice wherein vacancies went unfilled to curb administrative costs. 

Apparently, the central government is assessing the status of the government jobs which need to be filled, and based on that number; a plan would be created which would detail the number of jobs which would be needed to be filled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

As now, it is estimated that there are around 600,000 jobs vacant in the central government bodies, of which Indian Railways in itself has 200,000 vacant jobs.

For now, considering that the government wants to lower the fiscal deficit, it would be a challenge for the government because of the cost involved in increasing the employee count. Apart from creating a plan to help with filling the vacant agencies, the government must also create a plan which would help increase the productivity, team and department dynamics, and help save cost in the long run by getting the work done efficiently.

It is the labour ministry, which has been tasked with assisting the various central government bodies to fill up the positions in the government, amid the pressure of creating jobs.

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