News: Hiring heats up mid-year: TimesJobs report

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Hiring heats up mid-year: TimesJobs report

Hiring grew by 15% for professionals with over 20 years of experience in June 2016, according to the latest RecruiteX report
Hiring heats up mid-year: TimesJobs report

For the first time since January 2016, talent demand for business management and consultants reported a significant 21% rise this month, according to the latest RecruiteX report.  Demand for top talent was upbeat across all the experienced categories of professionals, witnessing the growth at 7-15%. The biggest demand growth was seen for highly experience professionals – the report stated. 

"Mid-year is the time when a lot of expansions and acquisitions take place, so experienced professionals are needed to manage processes and take key decisions involved in these businesses. Startups and new businesses are also able to leverage the considerable knowledge and strong business networks that these professionals have developed over the years." says Nilanjan Roy, Head of Strategy, Times Business Solutions.

Professionals with over 20 years of experience posted a rise of 15% in demand in June 2016. The category had reported a moderate 1% rise in demand in the last 6 months. In addition,

  • Candidates with 2-5 years of experience saw 7% rise in demand
  • Candidates with over 10-20 years of experience witnessed 11% rise in demand
  • Candidates with 5-10 years saw a 14% rise in demand, and
  • However, the less than 2 years experience level was the only category to post a drop (4%) in demand during June 2016.


Hospitality professionals witnessed a 12% rise in demand during the month. Demand for Engineers and IT/Telecom professionals rose by 5% and 10% respectively.

Having access to TimesJobs data, generated from the largest collection of jobs in India – RecruiteX is able to provide realistic and reliable snapshots of the state of demand for talent in India Inc. RecruiteX decodes this data into hiring trends by evaluating the demand for talent across industries, experience, functions and locations in the country. Here are the other key takeaways from the latest.

Hiring up in key sectors

The real estate sector witnessed a 7% rise in talent demand during June 2016. This sector has posted a rise of 4% in the last 2 months. The Construction sector also saw a rise of 6% in demand during June 2016. RecruiteX also reports that the IT, telecom and BFSI sectors posted 2% rises in talent demand in this period.

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