News: Param adds automated hiring assistant, “Lisa” to their product suite

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Param adds automated hiring assistant, “Lisa” to their product suite

Param launches hiring chatbot, Lisa
Param adds automated hiring assistant, “Lisa” to their product suite

The Hyderabad-based startup, expands the scope of its recruiting solution by adding the Param Assistant, Lisa to its product suite.  Lisa, powered by Google assistant helps recruiters to screen and further qualify candidates by automating the recruiter screening discussion.  It also acts as a medium of communication between the applicant and the recruiter.

Param is an AI-based inbound recruitment platform, helping companies hire better and faster by applying machine learning and data science to their applicant data. In addition to the ATS-integrated version, earlier this year, the company also introduced the stand-alone hiring platform which allows recruiters to migrate their ATS data into the platform, to help them make optimum use of their data.

On being asked about how Lisa is different from the other existing hiring chatbot, Ashish Sahoo, Chief Technology Officer, Param shares “With every resume being profiled and stack-ranked against job descriptions or hiring patterns in the platform, Lisa knows the candidate fitment for each open job. Based on the conversation with the candidate, Lisa provides details about candidate availability, fitment, etc. and also auto-updates the database if there is a change in the candidate’s basic information.”

Sahoo further shares, “On the recruiter side, it gives instant stack-ranking, pre-screening stats, and quick-action recommendations, and helps recruiters hire on the move without being logged into the system. It can also be trained to answer repetitive applicant queries, saving recruiters numerous hours, helping them focus on high-impact tasks like candidate engagement.”

Nisha Thomas, Head- Customer Success, shares, “By automating the pre-screening discussion, the inadvertent delays in scheduling these calls get eliminated. Also, while the recruiter can only pre-screen one applicant at a time, the assistant can simultaneously screen numerous applicants at one go, saving recruiters’ time. Additionally, with the information (such as top skills, details about interviews with other companies and competing offers) collected during the pre-screening discussion, recruiters can further prioritize applicants and start acting on them. Assistants also bridge the communication gap between recruiter and candidate.”

In an e-mailed conversation with, the company further shares their plan to solve the challenge of interview scheduling and post-offer engagement of the candidate through the Param assistant, Lisa. 

On the company’s future expansion, Sahoo shares that the company will soon launch an app through which recruiters and hiring managers will receive insights on candidates by which they can take quick actions and make faster decisions.”

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