News: Finding candidates made simple: LinkedIn integrates AI for talent hunt


Finding candidates made simple: LinkedIn integrates AI for talent hunt

Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkedIn, emphasised that amid a swiftly evolving landscape of job titles, the company’s objective is to advocate for hiring individuals based on their skills that align with the job requirements, regardless of conventional titles or educational backgrounds.
Finding candidates made simple: LinkedIn integrates AI for talent hunt

LinkedIn announced the integration of artificial intelligence features into its core operations. This advancement empowers recruiters to discover potential job candidates through natural language queries and enables marketing professionals to effortlessly craft ad campaigns with just a few clicks.

The social network for business professionals, owned by Microsoft, has utilised technology from OpenAI—the creator of ChatGPT, in which Microsoft has made investments—to build these new features.

LinkedIn boasts over 950 million members, with the majority not being paid subscribers. Its main revenue streams come from charging recruiters, marketing, and sales professionals for access to its extensive data resources.

Traditionally, this necessitated customers to utilise data filters, keywords, and search engine techniques to navigate LinkedIn's database. They had to translate a natural query like "I want to hire a software developer with 10 years of experience in Minneapolis" into language that LinkedIn's database could comprehend.

Now, recruiters can naturally pose the same question, and the computer can engage in a conversation. For instance, it might ask the recruiter if they're open to considering qualified applicants in another city where the company also has offices, or individuals whose job titles may not match exactly but possess similar skills.

Ryan Roslansky, LinkedIn’s CEO, shared that in an era of rapidly evolving job titles, LinkedIn aims to promote hiring individuals whose skills align with the job necessities, irrespective of their title or educational background, reported Reuters. 

“When you just focus on whether someone went to an Ivy League school or worked at Google, you’re talking about a very narrow set of people that everyone is trying to hire. When you focus on the skills that are required to do the job effectively, all of a sudden, you see there are tens of thousands of candidates out there. You can’t just look at job titles,” he said. 

LinkedIn is extending these tools to assist sales professionals in prospect searching. Additionally, a new AI-powered tool will analyse a company's website and generate targeted marketing campaigns for business-to-business products and services, which will subsequently run on LinkedIn’s platform.

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