News: Aspiring Minds releases National Employability Report 2011


Aspiring Minds releases National Employability Report 2011

Aspiring Minds, an employability assessment company released the National Employability Report 2011of Engineering Graduates. The report comprises of responses received from more than 55,000 final-year students, graduates of 2011. The report identifies patterns in employability across different regions and kinds of colleges, analyzing in detail the distribution of employability.

India has a sizable engineering talent pool; however, only 17 percent are fit to enter the IT industry. The National Employability Report is a detailed study on the employability situation, and can be a reference for industry and academia to understand and address the gaps and rectify the issues in the education system. According to Varun Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO, Aspiring Minds, “The report further reveals that the limitation is not just supply. There is an invisible talent pool, which lies unutilized due to the absence of a mechanized hiring and inclusion system. Not only is the contributing to inefficiency, it is potentially destroying higher education as an institution. There is an urgent need to address this disparity.”

Source: Aspiring Minds

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