News: JLR to create over 1,000 jobs in UK


JLR to create over 1,000 jobs in UK

As Tatas-owned Jaguar Land Rover embarks on a major expansion plan over the next five years, it plans to recruit over 1,000 people at its Solihull manufacturing plant in the UK. The new jobs will increase the plant's workforce by 25 percent to around 5,000 workers. By doing so it has pressed the accelerator on its most ambitious growth plan in recent history. This would indeed prove to be a major boost to the British economy, which is riddled with uncertainty caused by the Eurozone crisis. According to the company over 1,000 new jobs are being created in line with its ambition to deliver 40 significant product actions over the next five years thanks to a multi-billion pound investment in product creation.

JLR’s expansion plan will mean JLR employs more than 21,000 staff in the Midlands and Merseyside, and it is also planning to build a new engine plant near Wolverhampton that will create further jobs.

Source: The Telegraph

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