News: Maruti applies brakes on its labour woes


Maruti applies brakes on its labour woes

In what could finally put a lid on Maruti Suzuki's labor troubles that began about nine months back in June 2011, the workers' union at its Manesar facility has officially been registered, according to media reports. The union registration came in after a long and bitter battle on the part of the workers and the management. It was the second such proposal — the first union plan was rejected by Maruti citing external political influence. This opens a new chapter in management-worker relations at Manesar, which will hopefully now be peaceful. Ram Mehar Singh will serve as the President while Sarabjeet Singh will serve as the General Secretary of the 12 member worker’s body, “Maruti Suzuki Employees Union”.

The development also paves the way for formation of the two committees — ‘Grievance Redressal Committee' and ‘Labor Welfare Committee' — originally promised by Maruti under the October 2011 agreement with the workers.

Source: The Hindu Business Line 

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