News: Social media transforming recruitment process says Hodes iQ research


Social media transforming recruitment process says Hodes iQ research

Hodes iQ, the award-winning talent acquisition and management product of Bernard Hodes Group has combined unique expertise in health care, HR consulting and software technology to present a latest research report which offers valuable insight into social media adoption, effectiveness and barriers of entry for organizations, which are faced with the new world of Web 2.0 recruiting. Where most health care recruiters believe Web 2.0 is a good match for their industry, few have fully adopted these cutting-edge social media and interactive tools for recruiting and talent management. The research report analyzes on the impact of interactive Web 2.0 tools and social media adoption on the behavior of a candidate and pin points the ways to turn that interaction into workable recruiting touch points. The report also deals with the fear that many organizations face in adopting social media and focuses on the ways to overcome them so as to improve sourcing efforts. The unique report highlights the tools organizations can avail to help them improve employee engagement, broaden recruiting reach and create brand consciousness.

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