Research: India Hiring Outlook 2018 – A People Matters and Indeed Study


India Hiring Outlook 2018 – A People Matters and Indeed Study

Heres an overview of hiring trends across multiple sectors
India Hiring Outlook 2018 – A People Matters and Indeed Study

The People Matters – Indeed Study on the “India Hiring Outlook 2018” is geared at understanding how Indian employers are strategizing their talent acquisition strategies in 2018. The study situates their plans amidst macroeconomic drivers including the market opportunity, national budget, and industry trends.

The scope of this study is to assess the hiring outlook by understanding hiring budgets and hiring forecasts of different employers. It maps some of the key strategic priorities and assesses business readiness against these priorities.

From wide-ranging insights on the future role of the recruiter to the popular and most effective means of hiring, this study is also complemented by interviews of HR leaders from five organizations including – Siemens, KPMG, L&T, Reliance Industries and Hinduja Global Solutions.



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Topics: Hiring, Talent Acquisition

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