Research: Evolution of People Analytics in 2020-21: Research

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Evolution of People Analytics in 2020-21: Research

100% organizations in India have said that People Analytics have been effective in some way in achieving their business priorities. Download the report to know how People Analytics can help you achieve business goals for 2021.
Evolution of People Analytics in 2020-21: Research

If HR is a people operation, what should we call analytics for HR? The answer was “People Analytics”.

People Matters and Darwinbox brings you, “ Evolution of People Analytics in 2020- 21

The report has insights about :

  • The current state of People Analytics & maturity index for Asian organizations
  • How organizations are accelerating their people analytics maturity curve
  • How organizations are leveraging people data to drive business growth
  • Exclusive insights from the CHRO's of MakeMyTrip and Tech Mahindra

The road ahead for People Analytics in 2021 and beyond

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