Research: Skill acquisition for digital age: People Matters & Simplilearn study


Skill acquisition for digital age: People Matters & Simplilearn study

This People Matters and Simplilearn Research Report focus on how companies are building competencies for the digital age, with a special focus on the use of online courses and certifications in organizations.
Skill acquisition for digital age: People Matters & Simplilearn study

The increasing use of digital technologies and the imminent rise of intelligent technologies, that are forming a big part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, are expected to cause paradigm shifts in the parameters defining employability of human resources, and have also increased the focus on the preparedness of organizations to adopt and adapt to the changes brought by such disruptions

The People Matters - Simplilearn L&D Tech Study on Skill Acquisition for the Digital Age is aimed at exploring the state of L&D function in relation to digital technologies and the inclination of organizations towards online learning methodologies for re-skilling and up-skilling of their employees. The survey saw the participation of L&D professionals from 102 companies across industries and sectors.

The study has focused on three aspects of the L&D function:

  1. L&D Strategy: What are L&D priorities in context to digital and automation? Is skill acquisition preferred over talent acquisition? How organizations are establishing a link between L&D initiatives and business outcomes

  2. Delivering Knowledge and Skills: Understanding the best way to deliver training content. The maturity of L&D systems and processes to handle challenges arising due to digital disruption

  3. Training Methods of the Digital Age: The new modes of delivering training to skill, upskill and reskill employees.
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