Video: Up-to-date recruitment - Forward thinking recruitment practices

Recruitment Technology

Up-to-date recruitment - Forward thinking recruitment practices

Watch this webinar to know more about the transformation in recruitment processes.

Recruitment industry has come a long way from being a paper-pencil test taking staffing agency to having a more automated recruitment process. It is no longer recruiter-driven. Technology has played a huge role in bringing this change. Today organizations are facing fierce competition to be the most sought-after employer brand for qualified talent. To stand out and attract the best, recruiters will have to go a step beyond. An effective hiring experience backed by presence at places and platforms where candidates are seeking jobs is crucial in hiring the best talent. A recent global survey reveals that 74% % of active job seekers have viewed career opportunities on their mobile; 72% have visited a company career site and 45% have applied to a job on their cell phones. Clearly, using mobile phones for hiring could add an edge to the recruitment process. 

To address this, People Matters and Pearson TalentLens organized a webinar on 15th November, 2016 which was presented by Shashir Shetty, National Sales Head, Pearson TalentLens India. 

In this webinar, following points were being discussed:

1. Evolution of recruitment: The journey of recruitment from being an agency to fill vacant positions created due to lack of resource during WWII to a full-fledged industry that hires the most sought after talent in the market 

2. Recruitment automation: The technology behind assessments and its benefits. How can organizations recruit better with automated assessments? 

3. How Mobile recruitment changes the hiring process? 

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