Video: Future proof your recruitment process


Future proof your recruitment process

How to make the process effective and what to expect in the future.

Traditionally, recruitment has been one of the mature HR functions that have shown high technology adoption. However, as candidate and business expectations change, recruitment leaders will have to re-design the entire process putting people and technology at the center. But, what’s the best way to bring people, processes, and technology together in this digital wave?

This webinar will discuss key shifts in the use of technology, how to make the process effective and what to expect in the future.

Here's what will be covered:

  1. What are the key trends shaping recruitment process today?

  2. What is the impact of waves of continuous technology disruption?

  3. How are leading companies managing their recruitment cycle?

  4. How to design processes and technology to future proof the recruitment process?
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Topics: Recruitment

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