Video: Webinar on Paradigm shift ‘Recruiter as a Marketeer'


Webinar on Paradigm shift ‘Recruiter as a Marketeer'

Recruiter as a Marketeer

People Matters organized a webinar in partnership with LinkedIn on Paradigm shift ‘Recruiter as a Marketeer’ which was presented by Namrata Gill, VP HR, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. In today’s dynamic economy, 83% of the employers believe that there brand has a significant impact on hiring great talent, but only 33% of them regularly measure it. This leaves the following questions: How are organizations enhancing their attractiveness as employers?, ‘Recruiter as a Marketeer’ Why this emphasis? How can we enhance the journey of a candidate with talent branding? What are the visible business impacts that talent brand will have on the recruitment process? The emphasis on having a highly efficient talent management process in place is imperative. The webinar focuses on the new genre of evolving recruiters, recruiters who need to be tech savy, socially aware, and who are prepared to learn new skills that meet the requirements.

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