Video: Guide to right decision making using data

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Guide to right decision making using data

Organisations today need to take the risk of experimenting with the data that they have and also using the same to validate their hypothesis to arrive at the right decision.

Data analytics today have helped business heads take decisions which are based on real-world data on market performance. Instead of taking decisions based on a ‘gut feeling’, which was akin to throwing a ball in the dark, today with the help of data analytics techniques like predictive analysis and business modeling, business heads can see the results of their decisions fairly clearly. This has helped make the process of decision making more coherent. In a world with a rapidly changing economic environment, this has come as a boon to many. 

But there still remains a vital gap between analyzing data and ensuring that it feeds into the process of making business decisions. The following panel discussion looks into how can that gap be effectively bridged and how can data be used to arrive at the correct decision.

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