Video: "Who moved my brand?" with Bill Boorman

Talent Acquisition

"Who moved my brand?" with Bill Boorman

Here's a session by Bill Boorman, at the People Matters Talent Acquisition Conference, on using creative new-age hiring strategies that help creating a strong employer brand as well.

The way people look for jobs and connect with employers is constantly changing. Organizations need a rethink to conventional wisdom in order to play catch up. In this session, Boorman shares the latest research from tracking nine million job applications across three continents and 24 brands. Boorman will explore changes to attraction, employer brand, EVP and other practices, what gets a reaction and what is becoming "old" thinking. This session is challenging and thought-provoking and left attendees with a blueprint for hiring strategy that takes into account: location, technology, message, and approach.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about what is becoming old and going out of the window when it comes to attracting talent.
  • Learn what are the new hiring strategies you can employ to attract talent.
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