Article: Are we ready to come back to offices?


Are we ready to come back to offices?

“We have to keep in mind when we are coming back to offices and our team members are going to have their families affected,” said Sunitha Lal, CHRO, Ather Energy in conversation for an episode of People Matters Podcast.
Are we ready to come back to offices?

Talking about the possibilities of coming back to the offices Sunitha noted that Ather leadership was aware of the fact that monotony was grabbing some of their employees by the neck while working remotely for two years. Citing this, the team considered the idea to open up all the office spaces and allow people to come but then Omicron was the next thing that happened.   

She added that permanent work from home is only possible for certain roles. Ather leadership is in talks about “How do we operate having this team member completely working remotely? Even in such cases, can this person travel once in a quarter to the headquarters or to the closest office space where the team members are based to get the understanding of how to work within the scheme under collaboration?” 

Commenting on the supportive structure of the workforce, Sunitha said, “Each of us has to ensure we deliver more than what we actually have to deliver in a role. I can stop here at this border because this is all my role actually indicates. But I will go a little extra mile because I know how that in my team someone is struggling with probably COVID+.” She added, “I think the culture at Ather is so positive, that they're willing to go that extra mile.” 

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