Article: Curating employee-centric wellness journeys

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Curating employee-centric wellness journeys

Knowing to invest in wellness is one thing, but finding a wellness partner to meet your specific business and workforce needs can be the gamechanger in enabling a robust employee experience.
Curating employee-centric wellness journeys

Care for your employees or lose the war for talent! 

As employees prioritise their health and fitness, wellness becomes a key concern for organisations to create an exponential employee experience. Studies have shown that 77% of employees believe that having a wellness program significantly impacts the company’s culture. 

In the face of the Great Reshuffle, wellness initiatives have emerged as an important tool of the organisation’s armoury.

The presence or absence of a wellness program will impact a candidate's decision to accept or reject your offer. 87% of employees search for employers who can support them in achieving a work-life balance.

As HR leaders spearhead wellness initiatives at scale with diverse employees with their unique needs, having a wellness partner to guide them along the way becomes a must-have. With a presence in over 30+ cities,’s cultpass Corp Program is known to become a key differentiator in your enterprise’s wellness plan. If your business has a multi-geographic presence, then this is one plan that seamlessly fits into your well-being policies. 

It recognises the need for balancing employee health with increased productivity in a hypergrowth economy. Additionally, it also supports you in your vision of building a better work culture backed by a strong team spirit to help your team tide through waves of challenges in the business landscape.

Hybrid healthcare models that offer flexibility and ease of access

For every HR led initiative, adoption plays a critical factor in deciding the larger impact. When designing wellness strategies and implementing associated solutions, flexibility is an important value especially when the workforce is either remote, in-office or hybrid. provides not only access to 5000+ gyms across the country for your distributed workforce, but it also offers pre-recorded training sessions to accommodate the work and personal schedules of your employees. 

Bentley Motors’ experience is a testament to that. 

We implemented the program during the pandemic to allow our organization and its employees to be active at the convenience of their homes. It’s been great to see the usage even after the restrictions have been eased. It helped us to educate our colleagues on the benefit of being active and learning to live a healthy life.  Good sleep, mindfulness, exercise, and healthy eating habits were all presented to our employees using the app,” the company shared.

Addressing personalised wellness needs and offering diverse self-care choices

Personalisation is fundamental to the success of any solution, the more choices available, the wider the reach and adoption of wellness activities. A striking example of this would be the experience of Ocwen Financial Solutions Private Limited. 

They have partnered with over the last couple of years to conduct sessions around Yoga, Tai-chi, Pilates, and Animal Flow for the overall fitness of their employees with the appropriate amount of intensity and impact. Exciting workouts like Masala Bhangra and Aerobics have made the workouts fun and engaging while also building fitness levels. The overwhelming response and popularity of these sessions in the ‘World of Wellness’ activities at Ocwen is a testament to the quality and efficacy of these sessions. They have applauded the efforts taken by to make the workouts impactful, holistic and exciting.

Along with a series of unique workout sessions, also offers personalised feedback based on complete health assessments with tracking as well as access to a variety of therapy consultations. The choices offered are endless, intended to target a dispersed and diverse workforce. 

Elevating your employee experience with an additional productivity boost

Having partnered with over 400+ corporates and boasting of a record 53% improvement in employee engagement, knows what your employees want. Its vision is to keep your workforce engaged, motivated, and happy, to value their contribution to the business and as diverse individuals in their own right. Leap Finance’s goal to ensure employee well-being has been achieved with the help of the cultpass Corp program, what’s more, is that this very program was given as a token of appreciation to all their women employees on the occasion of women's day.

A company that invests in the well-being of its people is a company that cares.

If you want a workforce that is innovative and driven, then you need to ensure that their needs are met, that they have ample time to rest and relax and get access to opportunities that improve their physical and mental wellbeing simultaneously. 

From a business standpoint, a healthier and happier workforce is inevitably a more productive one. A 15% rise in productivity can be seen when investing in’s programs which strategically meet both your work culture and business needs. With a holistic approach backed by personalised digital solutions and pioneering healthcare experts, is partnering with organisations and helping them walk the extra mile in their employee wellness journey. 

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