Article: The ‘Great Divide’ between compensation and culture


The ‘Great Divide’ between compensation and culture

Sreekanth Arimanithaya, Global Talent and Enablement Services Leader of EY GDS interacted with us for an episode of the People Matters Podcast to discuss the future of flexibility quotient.
The ‘Great Divide’ between compensation and culture

As the office culture surfaced as one of the significant causes of attrition, a post surfaced on LinkedIn that those who leave for money may return for culture but those leaving for culture may never return for money. How true is this statement? 

Sreekanth Arimanithaya noted that employees seek value and prioritize it over high compensation today. According to him, “A successful EVP, coupled with a very strong culture, career and strong benefits along with leadership quality is what we provide to our employees.”

Further commenting on the flexibility quotient, in the long run, Sreekanth said that flexibility agility and resilience are the three keywords that will be impactful in future. He said that EY has been agile and flexible over years as the hybrid work model was already in place before the onset of the pandemic. He noted that EY GDS offers not only flexibility of location but also hours depending on the schedules of the workers. “ Sometimes people take leaves and log out early for less project pressure. We don't micromanage it,” he said. 

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