Article: Whirlpool: Consistently creating 'moments that matter'


Whirlpool: Consistently creating 'moments that matter'

The key to Whirlpools functioning as 'one', rests on consistently delivering on its employee promise and creating moments that matter for everyone
Whirlpool: Consistently creating 'moments that matter'

What does it take for an organization to record aggressive growths, double shareholder value and consistently being acknowledged as a 'Best Employer' (2015, 2016 & 2017)? It definitely requires having the right product with a strong brand supported by a robust people strategy. It also calls for excellence in execution at all levels, but above all it requires the entire organization to come together as ‘One Whirlpool’.  

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The key to Whirlpool’s functioning as 'one', rests on consistently delivering on its employee promise and creating moments that matter for everyone.

Whirlpool's employee promise 'Freedom to Create our Tomorrow', is based on four strong pillars — 'freedom to make choices', 'early differentiated roles', 'open & inclusive culture'  and 'spirit of winning'.  

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The people practices at Whirlpool are aligned to the employee promise and embody the organizations commitment to providing employees with a unique experience. Whirlpool has redone the conventional management-trainee program to ensure that the employees get adequate functional exposure and also understand and take part in the broader role of the organization. Internal growth opportunities have been created in the middle and junior management through Whirlpool’s ‘Project Harvest’ initiative. Increased individual accountability, additional focus on capability development and growth from within are integral to Whirlpool’s talent philosophy. From a relationship-oriented organization, Whirlpool has transitioned a process-based, objective and transparent approach business.

Whirlpool reward mechanism provides the opportunity to map out individual, team and organizational goals and targets transparently and objectively. The rewards & recognition philosophy supports performers and performance, boosts critical capability building, and eventually measures success by a matrix of productivity.  

Whirlpool's winning culture enables its great people to produce extraordinary results! 

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