Article: Employable talent: ISIL offers courses on business proficiency skills


Employable talent: ISIL offers courses on business proficiency skills

Blame it on parents, society or the prevailing education system in India, but even before a child learns to walk properly, his or her baby steps are often directed to a place where one spends the best part of life trying to acquire as many academic certifications as possible. Technically, a graduate is a person qualified enough to he hired as a skilled employee. However, in realty, only few turn out to be actually employable for they lack the necessary skill and proficiency. In order to meet the growing need of educated professionals with requisite skills, institutions like Indian School of Integrated Learning (ISIL) are now offering courses on business proficiency skills to students in various colleges in India.

The new programme jointly offered by ISIL and Speak First offers certifications and diplomas. Their durations range from 4 months to 1 year and cost Rs. 45,000 and Rs.1,25,000 respectively. This innovative course was initiated after 40% of the 1000 students questioned in a recent Frost & Sullivan survey preferred practical skills over theoretical knowledge. The class for the first batch of students would begin from November onwards.

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