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Change begins from within

While medication helps cure a disease, meditation or energy healing helps prevent them early on
Change begins from within

Energy healing not only has the power to transform people and organizations, but also to bring about an upswing in performance, lower absenteeism and teamwork


Energy healing not only has the power to transform people and organizations, but also to bring about an upswing in performance, lower absenteeism and teamwork. Organizations and leaders are all talking of holistic wellness with immense honesty and seriousness. However, many are not aware of how this discussion sprung up in the first place. What is it at the workplace that causes absenteeism, low productivity or even fatal diseases to some extent for employees? The root cause of all these is embedded in the mind – the most commonly used word but the most ignored in terms of actually dealing with it – stress!

An article1 by the American Psychological Organization suggests that ‘Psychologists in the field of “psychoneuroimmunology” have shown that the state of mind affects one’s state of health. This implies that stress is the biggest killer in the present times as it has a direct impact on immunity further making people vulnerable to various other illnesses and chronic disorders. This clearly suggests that stress management and interpersonal relationships can benefit day-to-day health, doing everything from helping us combat the common cold to even speeding healing after a surgery.

Building energies to fight out stress It’s a lesser known fact that everyone has a personal energy body apart from the physical body, called our aura. It is nothing else but an energy field of approximately 1 meter around an average person varying based on how successful or developed he/she is. It is the aura of a person that defines how healthy or unhealthy one is and how prone he/ she is to certain other diseases. Psychologists and practitioners believe that a majority of ailments originate from the aura. The good part about it is that one can control their energies to ensure staying away from most chronic diseases even before they begin. This is where stress management through Pranic or energy healing works as a fencing against stress or lifestyle induced disorders keeping most health costs at bay.

This healing methodology is a self-empowering tool that enables employees to handle stress energy working their way towards building energies to gain a physical, mental and emotional balance thereby achieving increased productivity. It works through Pranic breathing, meditation and other such no-touch techniques. It is preventive in its scope and can be used to cleanse negative thoughts and emotions ensuring maintenance of good health. The beauty of energy healing for stress management is such that it need not be a time consuming activity but if learnt well and practiced consciously, can be embedded as a quick day-to-day measure. Various organizations are utilizing it for new employee inductions, skill development of existing employees, top management development and even extending it to the families of employees. As a result, employees display better pressure tolerance, increased energy levels, increased concentration, improved interpersonal relationships and better physical and emotional health.

Organizations can drive the change

There is a need for organizations to understand the importance of being proactive. Alternative therapies need not be seen as an extra cost. Rather, they can be viewed as preventive measures to avoid the future healthcare costs of employees. Organizations that understand the benefits of energy healing make sure they create awareness amongst their employees making them see a long-term value in the same. Organizations need to project it as a way of living life, not just as a remedy to an ailment or a stress related issue. It is the responsibility of the leaders to foresee that instead of building negative or stress energies for years leading to various illnesses in the future, further resulting in huge healthcare costs, it is better to manage the energies now ensuring a healthier future.

Energy healing not only has the power to transform people and organizations, but also to bring about an upswing in performance, lower absenteeism, and more co-operation and teamwork. As it is often said rightly, ‘Change begins from within’, this healing and stress management mechanism can only be effective provided organizations first begin believing in its power and then bring it to the employees for larger benefits. Energy healing becomes even more powerful when observed as a group and since as a team or a group, individual auras interact with each other’s on a daily basis, it is most meaningful for organizations to adapt the same.

Moreover, it offers an opportunity to bring people together to experience a magic feeling when something as relaxing as meditation and skilful breathing does unseen wonders to God’s most beautiful creation – human mind, body and soul.


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