Article: Self-development at work: Here's how?

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Self-development at work: Here's how?

Some of the techniques that can be practiced in daily life for self-development at work.
Self-development at work: Here's how?

In this day and age of growing technology, modernization, where each person is competing to do their best and juggling between the various roles in their personal and professional life, we notice that we are losing a connect with the world around us and also within. Most importantly, in this life of hustle and the need to achieve more and more, we are losing the connect with the most important person in our lives- our own selves.

Developing and maintaining a relationship with our self, understanding our strengths, weaknesses, embracing them and using them to our advantage, is not only essential to lead a happy healthy life but also to be in the right state of mind at work, be more productive, foster important relationships at work, process and manage work related issues and stress better.

Some of the techniques that can be practiced in daily life for self-development are-


We are rarely taught to love and appreciate our own selves and thus we often end up becoming our biggest critics, constantly thinking what could go wrong, self-bashing ourselves and using our brain to negatively think about our own short comings even at work leading us to constantly remain in stress as our brain is constantly releasing stress related hormones such as cortisol. When we start understanding and loving ourselves we learn to be more kind to ourselves, the people around us feel good about ourselves, reduce stress, have a broader perspective, more confidence and also better productivity.

Mirror work and affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements repeated constantly to help us reprogram our subconscious mind and replace our existing belief system, doing affirmations standing in-front of the mirror increases their impact and helps us feel more connected to the words and own selves helping a great deal in building up our self-esteem and confidence.

Some examples of affirmations that can be practiced in front of the mirror for self-love, success as well as confidence are-

⁃I am willing to love and accept myself

⁃I am a confident and articulate speaker and successful leader

⁃I choose to believe in myself

⁃I am growing more confident each day

⁃I choose to embrace my achievements as well as my shortcomings.

⁃I am proud of myself.

⁃I am doing the job of my dreams and achieving great milestones in my professional life.

The key to doing the affirmations right is, feeling the emotion behind them as you say them and feeling as though you have already accomplished them.


Gratitude not only helps us change our mindset, it also helps us create more possibilities. Practicing gratitude every morning helps us begin our day in a positive manner and sets the tone for the day right. 

Another way, we can practice this is by being already grateful for an upcoming interview, meeting and visualizing everything going in our stride. This is a great technique used to manifest what we are wanting to create, even at work place.

On one hand where we are working so hard each day to become the best at what we do, if we spend some time each day to better our own selves, develop a relationship with our own mind and body, feel good about what we have in life and visualize what we are looking at achieving, we can achieve great heights at our work place and also be able to achieve a work life balance for a more peaceful life ultimately contributing to our productivity.

While we give our best shot to exhibit perfection when it comes to our professional life and also manage our personal life well, it is imperative that we continuously work on building the relationship with our own mind as well as body in order for it to function optimally and help us attain all that we aim to. Self-love, deep breathing, connecting with one’s self through mirror work and practicing affirmations, feeling grateful for all that we wish to manifest and visualizing as if it’s all happening could go a long way in helping us maintain a mind body balance that would help us be much more productive even when it comes to our work life. 

Adapting these small practices as a part of routine not only enhance one’s personal life but also provides clarity, increases confidence, self-esteem as well as our self-worth. Thus, ultimately contributing to development in all spheres of our life.


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