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Shaping the future workforce

Organizations and CHROs today have to be prepared and equip the organizational framework to identify and manage the right talent. But how can they do this?
Shaping the future workforce

Forecasting future has never been easy, but it is essential to identify and understand the social, demographical and technological trends which will disrupt and shape the nature of our businesses in next few years. CHRO’s today are expected to play an organizational transformational role to help build new organization models with an agile workforce, which will be ready to imagine and deliver the challenges of future. They are entrusted with the responsibility of convincing and making significant investments in intelligent automation technologies to enable employees, ensure ease of execution, and essentially define the future of work. Adding a layer of complexity is the dynamic and demanding multi-generational and multi-cultural workforce that needs scaling up both in size and skill while retaining their uniqueness and voice. 

With the dynamics of work itself changing, the known definitions of the worker and the workplace as we know are the remnants of a bygone era.

Increasing instances of uberization at work has resulted in a mobile, global free floating workforce, leading to talent shortages and intense competition for the top talent.

Organizations are responsible and held accountable for ensuring that the current workforce remains relevant and are prepared to navigate the future. As a part of TechM HRNxT strategy, we have caught this trend head-on and have launched ‘eXtra Mile’, a platform for near-skilling. Associates across the globe based on their aspirations can sign up for shadowing and on-job assignments and build skills without having to leave their day jobs. Gap insights from skill adjacency matrix helps them upskill/reskill. Our associates are able to access ‘in house’ competency development programs and world class learning modules through EdX collaboration.  This strategy has enabled our talent to imagine and shape their future with a click of button.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming a part of our lives in more ways than we can imagine. They are becoming the necessary tools that ease and ensure intelligent and informed decision-making. Alexa, an essential member most of our households giving us weather updates, headlines and playing music has also entered workplace.  With help of UVO (Our Virtual Office Assistant – Inhouse Chat Bot) we are bringing analytics and information to all the sales and manager cadre at Tech M by responding to a simple voice based command. UVO-Alexa duo helps in making informed decisions, providing real-time updates, data and analytics to right people at the right time ensuring that there is no breach of data. AI enabled in-house developed platform, Talex is our marketplace for talent exchange pan organization that nudges passive talent towards possible opportunities based on their inherent strengths and personalized career choices. Delivering customer grade and seamless employee experiences with help for AI are what every CHRO dreams of.  With the help of facial recognition technology, not only have we been able to bring the delight to workplace eliminating the daily sign-in, sign-out swipes to record attendance, we have also been able to capture and measure their delight quotient and send Engagement Index to leadership and managers at locations daily tolife understand and course correct.  

Organizations and CHROs today have to be prepared and equip the organizational framework to identify and manage the right talent. We are increasingly going to see organizations indulge in social web crawling to source out the passive candidates who ideally would not have applied those positions. Opinions, social media presence and feedback are increasingly going to play a role in determining the cultural fit of the candidature. Human Resources will actively be using workplace nudging to identify influencers and persuade people to exhibit desirable behaviors. Organization Network Analysis will help HR understand the dynamics and develop New Value Propositions, where meaning and purpose are more important than ever by aligning employment opportunities to their workforce’ personal, social and charitable interests to attract and retain talent. Organizations will have to look at Diversity & Inclusion as a “competitive advantage” rather than good-to-have social responsibility. As talent exists everywhere irrespective of age, gender or ethnicity and they come together to weave the fabric which is unique and represents the heart/core of every firm, it is our responsibility to unleash the “power of I” (every individual). 

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